Add a new dimension to your web pages with Accelerated Mobile Pages

accelerated mobile pages

In the past few years technology has emerged at a rapid pace and opened new opportunities for the developers. Today mobiles have become one of the highly used gadgets for accessing the internet. This in turn has given rise to the development for the websites which cater to the needs of the mobiles and ensure faster processing. Though a number of new techniques have been integrated to improve the user experience but still there is something which is affecting the mobile search results. Google realized this aspect and introduced a fresh way of creating web pages for mobiles. This is known as AMP or more popularly Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP is a framework via which you can easily create web pages which not only load faster but enhance the user experience as well. The announcement of this framework was made last October but now the framework has been launched a few days back. Though a lot of technologies have been used for creating mobile sites, then what is so different about AMP or how it will prove beneficial.

Before going deep into the topic, let us first make ourselves familiar with the AMP.

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

As already said above Accelerated Mobile Pages is used for creating web pages which have faster loading time and provide excellent optimization. The end motive of introducing such a framework is to enhance the speed and make sure that the users are able to enjoy a faster browsing experience. But special emphasis is given to the fact that there no compromise will be made when it comes to offering the primary web experience to the mobile users.

How to get started?

In order to create a web page using AMP, you will have to follow the three steps given below.

  • AMP HTML – In order to write the coding in AMP, you need to be first familiar with the basic HTML rules. If you know that you will be able to easily integrate the same in your web page. The properties are slightly different but once you go through them, you will have a clear understanding. There are some restrictions as well that you need to follow. Some of the important elements that your AMP HTML file should have are:-
  • It should begin with <!doctype html>
  • Must have the <HTML> tag
  • Must include <head> and <body> tags
  • The tag <link rel=canonical href=$SOME_URL /> has to be used and inserted within the body of the HTML file.
  • <meta charset=utf-8> should be included
  • <meta name=viewport content=width=device-width,minimum-scale=1> tag is important.
  • <script async src=></script> tag is used to load the JS library.
  • AMP JS – Java Script embedded in the HTML file ensures resource management and faster loading of the web pages. All the elements that you have included in the file will be loaded in this step. Third party scripts are not allowed to be used in AMP pages.
  • Google AMP Cache – In the last step, all the pages will be cached and some kind of optimization will be done automatically. HTTP 2.0 is used to load the images as well as the JS files so that maximum efficiency can be achieved. You also have the validation system which ensures that all the pages work properly by meeting the AMP HTML specifications.

Using AMP for your website

As a beginner, you will have to create two different versions of any web page; one will be the page that is visible to the users while the other is the AMP page.

Because AMP has certain restrictions, you will have to work on the template coding to modify it as per the AMP HTML specifications or else it will not work. However you will not be able to include certain elements like on-page comments, lead forms etc which are visible in the normal web page. There are special AMP font extensions that you need to follow along with the custom AMP image file with the desired height and width. In case you are using animated images, the extensions will vary accordingly.

For the videos as well, you will have to comply by the AMP extensions. There are other tags too that you can include in the design as per the requirements. But it is essential to incorporate this tag in your original web page so that the Google can differentiate it from the AMP version of that page.

<link rel=amphtml href=>

How AMP will boost the performance?

One of the biggest concerns among the developers as well as the users is that how AMP will speed up the performance of the web pages and offer an incomparable experience to the visitors. There are certain elements that you need to include for accomplishing the purpose. These are:-

  • Include only asynchronous scripts which can help you to create web pages which are not only appealing but interactive as well so that users like viewing them.
  • The web fonts must be selected properly as its optimization is the key when it comes to enhancing the performance of the web pages.
  • If you want to integrate animations, make sure it is GPU based because GPU is familiar with all the layers and well versed with the ways to perform on the different layers. This results in better animations which work excellently.
  • All the resources need to be prioritized for loading in order to achieve optimization. First the resources need to be loaded, followed by the images and then the ads. You also have the lazy loaded resources which load late but are fetched first.
  • All the external resources that you have used like the ads, images etc must have its size mentioned so that the Amp knows and is able to load the resources properly without wasting them.
  • Do not include third party JS because it will affect the loading time of the web pages as more time is consumed in loading the external resources.
  • Make sure that you include inline CSS because it loads faster and improves the speed of the web pages by leaps and bounds.
  • PreConnect API is used so that the HTTP requests are fast even before the user requests them. This provides a better experience to the users thus improving the mobile search results.

So if you too feel that Accelerated Mobile Pages can make a difference to your website, just incorporate them to see the difference yourself.

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