9 SEO Best Practices to Generate More Traffic

9 SEO Best Practices to Generate More Traffic

Are you ready to double the search traffic? You can see a significant increase in target traffic, once you know and understand the needs of target audience. Becoming an SEO expert is easier than you think if you know the SEO best practices to generate more traffic.

If you see the search engine statistics of Google, you will be amazed to know that Google conducts more than 100 billion searches every month. More than 60% internet users around the globe use the internet to search for a product or service. You will see increased revenue, once your web pages begin to rank high in search engine results.

As your webpages are seen on the first page of search engine result, you are likely to get more clicks. In a study, it was found that the first website or link on search engine result page is likely to get more clicks.  More than 75% of website’s traffic begins with a search query and this is the reason why SEO is very important.

When it comes to SEO, it is all about doing the right thing at the right time in a right way. SEO is most effective way to bring huge visitors to your website. There is no secret method to rank one on Google. You can get the desired results by applying the SEO best practices.

Here are the 9 SEO best practices that you can implement to increase visitors and generate more traffic.

  1. Mobile optimization

Is your website mobile friendly? Are your customers able to access your website from their small screen devices? If yes, you are on the right track. There are many websites that still lack mobile responsiveness.

These days, more and more people are using soft devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets to browse the web. Keeping this information in mind, plenty of websites went mobile friendly in the year 2016. I anticipate that more brands to follow this trend in 2017.

It’s time to change the way you create SEO strategies for mobile search. In a study, it was found that the total mobile searches on mobile devices are 40% more than the previous year. Google also updated its algorithm, according to which mobile friendly websites get a boost on mobile searches. Google updated its algorithm to help mobile users search relevant content with much ease.

  1. Social content optimization

Promoting quality content is another best way to drive huge traffic to your website. When you provide useful content, the visitors tend to stay longer on your website— which will eventually increase the dwell time. Based on a study, content that is between 2,000-2,500 words is likely to rank high on search engine results.

Sharing the content across different social media channels is an ideal way to beat the competition and stay ahead of others.

When the user leaves your site or webpage in less time, it would hurt the dwell time. Not only this, it will increase the bounce rate and reduce the number of page views.

  1. Identifying good and bad links

Backlinks have been one of the essential elements of SEO for many years. Though some resources claim that their value decreased in the recent years, some SEO experts have found that the links will remain the major ranking factor till next few years. You cannot get adequate traffic from Google and other reputed search engines without building or earning quality backlinks.

If you are really concerned about improving quality traffic to your website you will have to know what backlinks will help you with SEO and what are the threats for your ranking. If you have been in SEO industry for years, you might know by now that not all backlinks are good and beneficial for you. SEO is not about the number of links you have but is all about the quality of backlinks.

To get good results with SEO and improve traffic, you must analyze the site’s backlinks and compare their value. Once you identify good backlinks, you can try to get more of the same.

  1. Posting blogs regularly

Posting informative blogs on a regular basis is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic to your website. Search engines love websites that provide genuine and informative content to the users. The benefits of blogs are endless and you can increase your reputation by building high-quality blog posts.

If you want to get more exposure to your website, you can promote your blogs across different social media platforms. Guest blogging is another best ways to get exposure to your website. However, don’t waste your time by doing it on low-quality sites. Some people do guest blogging just for the sake of getting links. You can get much more in return, by providing value to the readers.

If you own an online business, you are sure to get a lot of questions from potential customers. You can solve their queries by posting informative blogs on a regular basis, than by giving a short reply to each question by email.

  1. Creating powerful internal linking system

The best way to create quality backlinks to your existing web page is by using a good internal linking system. By linking relevant posts and using preferred anchor text, you can build quality links. These links are valuable for SEO and will engage the users for more time on your website.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce store — you can create powerful internal links on the homepage, product page, categories and other sections to improve navigation. As said before, external backlinks are also beneficial to drive quality traffic.

The strength of your link profile can be highly affected by the internal linking structure of your website. When publishing content, keep out an eye for opportunities for internal links.

  1. Site audit

A site audit is a growth tracking technique that helps you retain existing customers and make new customers. You can closely examine the overall performance of your website and set new goals based on the result. You can increase the chances of generating huge profits.

There are many tools that help you conduct site audit and discover new ways to improve traffic. All you need to do is download any of these tools and analyze the search results of your site performance. I can help you with an actionable site audit.

The heading tags and Meta tag components are the important SEO elements and should be created correctly to improve search engine ranking. The Meta tags help users find relevant content by a way of finding the content summary.  It is the most important search engine component that helps you attract more visitors.

  1. Targeting competitor’s keywords

Spying on competitor’s sites will help you learn a lot from the techniques they use. If you could get the list of websites that link to their websites, you could easily get an advantage and go ahead of them by making backlinks on those sites – You can use Ahrefs, SEO Spyglass etc.

Using these tools, I am able to get high-quality backlinks. This helped me to focus on finding a way to get a link from other reputed websites.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console help you understand the site’s data in a better way. You can easily use Fetch as Google and see how Google sees your website.

If your website includes reviews, events and listings, you can make your result shown in Google in a better way using rich snippet.

You can read this for more information.

  1. Avoiding errors on website

Errors on website are common and having a few errors will not surely spoil the search engine ranking of your website. However, errors can ruin the user experience and increase the bounce rate of your website. This will eventually affect your SEO performance. There are several tools and plugins that help you detect page errors and 404 pages on the website.

You can even install Screaming Frog and use it to look for broken links on your website.


These are the top 9 SEO best practices that help you increase traffic. You will get lot of benefits if SEO is done right. These advanced SEO techniques may not be easy to implement – will certainly need more efforts. But no doubt, they are incredibly effective.

Have you tried any of the above techniques? Tell me about the results you achieved by leaving a comment below!

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