The Top 7 SEO Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

SEO Myths

There are many SEO myths that could negatively affect companies, especially if business owners believe them. Companies and professionals should know what works and what doesn’t work in the world of SEO. There is a lot of misinformation that makes its way across the internet.  These myths change the landscape of SEO and make it harder to distinguish fact from fiction. Here are the top 7 SEO myths that you shouldn’t believe.

  • The ranking position doesn’t matter

Having your business ranked on Google is very important and it doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, and your website is not shown up on Google search engine results. If the users perform a search and find a business on top ranking, it tells them that the company is experienced enough to give them what they want. Ranking high on google will indicate that Google trusts that company and you can get the desired services from that company.

Ranking plays a very important role in enhancing the visibility of your website.  If you want your website to perform well, you should implement the best SEO strategies.

  • Social media can’t help

There is a misconception among business owners that social media can’t help. This is especially in those people who do not use social media personally. People who lack social networking skill believe that this approach can hamper the SEO efforts, especially for local business. Today, SEO is a blend of social media and content marketing.

It is true that tactics of past won’t work the same way once they did. The quality of social media marketing is essential and plays an important role in enhancing the success of your SEO campaign.

  • Everyone can do SEO

Some people believe that SEO is something that everyone can do. Someone who has little knowledge of computer may seem to perform the desired functions, but the reality is that there is a lot more to do in SEO than just having some technical knowledge.

It is not enough to have superior computer skills, but one should have in-depth knowledge of SEO to make things work better. The best way is to hire an experienced SEO who can enhance the visibility of your website and take it to different heights.

  • SEO is a scam

Many business owners have been approached by less ethical vendors who lack experience and knowledge. However, these vendors may not be able to deliver what they promise, even if you pay high. It is unusual or unattainable for people to get 100% positive results in a short period. SEO is not exactly the one that we think of.

There are cases of SEO that meet these criteria, especially when the site has correctable technical problems. SEO involves real effort and commitment which pays additional rewards that are far beyond increasing the traffic.

  • We already did SEO and we don’t need it anymore

One should know that organic search traffic will fall over time. However, it happens when no effort is applied.  Maintaining the effort of your SEO is very important because of evolving search engine algorithms. There is a lot of competition moving ahead of you. Monitoring the SEO with an addition of deeper dive will be sufficient to keep your SEO campaign active throughout the year.

SEO should be a constant process and one should do it on a regular basis to keep their website active.

  • SEO is all about tricks

No doubt, SEO tricks are very beneficial and help you enhance the visibility of your website. However, manipulative SEO gets you penalized.

Being an SEO consultant, I believe that real SEO makes the user experience much better. It includes – creating engaging content, structuring data, optimizing social sharing standards, generating snippets, maintaining technical standards etc. Each of these actions is valuable by itself and you may not realize that how many times you are doing SEO, but you will reap the benefits.

  • Local SEO is not for me

Local SEO is becoming popular and not everyone understands how beneficial it is. You can get benefitted from local SEO, even if you don’t have a local business.  If you still feel that the business is struggling to get benefited from local SEO, then you need to start with basic steps to enhance the local visibility of your website.

As search engine algorithm changes, it is must to optimize the website for improved visibility. If you feel that local SEO hasn’t worked for you in the past, then it may be time to start all over again until you understand the process.

All the above myths can be summed up with one phrase. SEO is all about helping search engines discover your website and improving the user experience. You are increasing the chances of being praised for the work you are proud of. Don’t believe everyone who says that SEO can be done with just a single click. Make a right investment on the tools and resources, if you are ready to spend some time and money. Utilize the right strategies that work and stay away from the myths that have been around for years.

I am sure that the above 7 SEO myths will help you find better ways to cater the requirements of your audience.

Do you know any other myths? Leave your comments below!

  • Thanks for the great post Akash. I am agree with all your points. I wonder how can one progress without social media support. Social media is very important part of SEO. It helps rankings indirectly, not directly.