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Email: akash@akashseo.com
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WhatsApp & Signal: +91-9721-365-365
Email: akash@akashseo.com
Let's connect:
WhatsApp & Signal: +91-9721-365-365
Email: akash@akashseo.com
Let's connect:


Looking for guest post opportunities on a high-quality SEO blog? I am happy to publish your ideas and experiences regarding SEO for free.

Why write for me?

There are many benefits of writing for me, some of which include –

  • It’s free
  • Fame and recognition
  • Content shared across multiple social media platforms with 25,000+ fans
  • Two dofollow backlinks – one from the content body to any of your relevant blog posts and the other from the author bio on your name or your company name – from a DA 26 website

Content writing guidelines

I want your guest post on SEO to draw thousands of readers. So, follow this guide to ensure I publish your post.

  • Write useful and informative articles to share the exponential knowledge you have with SEO.
  • The content should be of 1,000+ words with correct grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary.
  • Submit the content that is plagiarism-free and copyscape passed. I do not encourage re-written, spun or duplicate content and suspend collaboration with such guest bloggers.
  • The articles published on this site are for the benefit of the readers. Self-promotion is not encouraged.
  • The content must have at least a relevant image.
  • Include author bio at the end with an appropriate link to your website.

Why do I reject articles?

  • I reject articles written for self-promotion only.
  • If the article is not related to SEO or similar topic, it is rejected. To be clear, I don’t accept articles related to social media, PPC etc, I accept SEO related articles only.
  • If the word count is less than 1,000 words and the content has no value.
  • I don’t have interest in copied or irrelevant content stuffed with keywords and phrases
  • If in your email to me, you didn’t greet me with my name, and used admin, team etc.

How to submit your guest post

Email the content in a word file or google doc with an appropriate title, headings, image(s) and author bio to akash@akashseo.com

Thank you,
Akash Srivastava
SEO Consultant